Mcdonalds To Buy And Load Arch Card


Arch card is a type of gift card which is used to make payments as it is a pre-paid card so it provides a reliable and quick relation between customer and McDonald’s to make payments. Arch Cards value start from $5 to $110 dollar. Arch cards can be purchased at McDonald’s restaurants as well as through retailer like Safeway and Ahold etc.

Arch cards are free of expiry date with no extra or penalty charges. These cards can be reload any time either through reloading yourself or choose option of credit card to reload automatically.

How to reload Arch Cards?

To activate or reload arch cards you need to select design of arch card and specify the amount which you want to load into card starting from $5, $10 $25 and $50 and maximum up to $110. You can reload it either through cash or credit card. Always try to keep your original activation receipts of reload to ensure your balance with replacement of new loaded card.


What are Terms and conditions?

  • Value of Arch card is zero until activated or purchased through McDonald’s restaurant or retailer.
  • Arch cards are free of any expiry date and extra fee to be charged. Arch cards are not redeemable against cash.
  • Lost and stolen arch cards can be replaced only by presenting original receipt of activation of Arch cards.
  • You can check balance of Card through website of McDonalds or make a call on 1-877-458-2200.

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