Management Problems Have Been Highlighted After Flood In South Carolina


In the South Carolina, flood during the last weekend has left a huge challenge for the water management of the community.

Nikki Haley, the Governor called the incident a big one and said that they are at a 1000-year level of rain. Dams all over the region have failed and the people who were thinking that they have seen the worst phase but the bad news for them is that they have to face the situation that is going to be more dangerous as the waterways are drained down by the storm water so the flood has not stopped yet completely.

Jenifer Fitz who is a blogger, shared her view about the drainage of the storm water and according to her these circumstances are the cause of the flood. The failure of the dams of the state and inefficient drainage systems are the sources of this severe situation through which South Carolina has been going through. The water is found on the roads and bridges unleashed by the drainage of the storm water and they do not have enough capacity due to which the increased flow of water has been creating problems.

Fitz further wrote in her blog that the citizens must take these elements into consideration during the period of reconstruction that is going to be in the coming days. Residents have to admit that this kind of weather and storm has been seen first time by the state and their cooperation is must in the rebuilding after the flood.


The overflow due to the storm water drainage at the record level has been documented by Mt. Pleasant Water Works (MPW) and according to its report, the affected areas have been responded and the situation has been monitored. The clean-up will be begun now from the overflows and water will be tested for the pollutants.

Due to the increase in flood, water has been contaminated. Threat of viruses, chemicals and bacteria is possible in the water and therefore residents are suggested use the boiled water for drinking.

Due to the heavy flood and rain have been a disaster for the people of South Carolina and till now 11 persons have lost their lives because of that. Out of those 11 persons, 7 were drowned.

Twenty inches of rain had been recorded during the period of 3 days in the central region of the South Carolina state. But the warnings have been issued by the authorities that the situation is not expected to be better for few more days as the chances of persistence of the flood are more due to the breakage 9 dams and huge portions of the roadway have distorted. Because of such condition, the area was evacuated as well.

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