Macy’s Employees Accused For Stealing With The Help Of Their Friends


According to the police, ,macy’s employee helps their friend for stealing products. Recently police reported that macy’s employee her two friend arrested to letting her two friend go without paying $40,000 for merchandise.

Police reported that macy’s employee age or 18 years allowed her two friends age of 20 and 23 years old without paying for clothes and other accessories in their shopping bags. She made fake receipt and after that she canceled it to manage the cash register. Other employees noticed this and reported to the administration about her.

After that these three women charged under the criminal possession for theft. Court will make decision according to the laws about three ladies.

Recently another employee Boynton Beach alleged for organizing many fraud cases for using credit card information of the customers. According the report employee were using the credit card information the customer used for purchasing items at macy’s.


On Sunday a customer got an email for using $336.97 transaction by credit card, she reported and later policed arrested Boynton Beach on investigation. He used her gift card unauthorized way and police arrested on this Sunday.

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