Loss Of 15 Million Gallons Of Water Due To Pipeline Burst In San Andreas


San Bruno, California had to face the bursting of a main pipeline of water during the previous month due to which backup was to be called for the water supply by the Regional water utilities. The name of the burst pipeline is San Andreas Pipeline No.2 that is possessed by the HetchHetchy Water System. There were 3 Peninsula agencies of water that were being provided the services through this pipeline.

The covering of the pipeline was done after 13 hours of hard work of the crews for the diversion of the water the source of which was the Crystal Springs Reservoir.

The amount of water which was lost due to the incident was almost 15 million gallons that is a big amount through which needs of water for around 20 percent of San Francisco can be fulfilled in one day. The quantity of the water which has been lost can be judged by the fact that one million gallons of water can make 20,000 bathtubs filled with it so how much 15 million gallons would be. It is a huge quantity.

According to a spokesperson for SFPUC,Deborah Chilvers, the blame should be put without any doubt on the old infrastructure. The building process of the pipe was done in 1927 which is the clear indication that the reason behind the incident was the age of the pipe. The immediate sealing of the rupture was not done as the addressing with the leak could have prohibited water to catch the consumers and fire hydrants.


Du to that the entire system could have been depressurized therefore the communities which were served through this pipeline could not get water from that and this was not only about the drinking water or your homes rather the issue would have been for every hydrant that is present in the streets down the corner.

So, water authorities had to think about the significance of the continuity of the flowing system. Depressurization of the water would have made the chlorination of the system compulsory. Hence, the residual of chlorine that was in the pipes should be allowed to be kept their in the pipes that would help in the retaining of the quality of the water.

An explanation for this dilemma was given by Reinhard Sturm who is an associate at American Water Works Association and one of the consultants at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. According to him the utilities would always find some leakage of such kind and they should always be prepared for that which means they must keep the funds with them to cover the issue.

“In the area of Northern California, there are some utilities which had to face a leakage of very severe level during the last few years. The loss of 135 gallons of water per day was borne by Sacramento city

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