Loss Of 1 Million Gallons Of Water Every Day In New Hampshire City


New Hampshire city of Dover has been facing the issue of water leak since last month due to which city is losing one million gallons of water every day. Authorities are yet unable to find the exact reason of this leakage which is also questioning the infrastructure of the state. Dover Public Works has joined with the New Hampshire state to discover the causes of this leakage situation. This inability to search the water leak causes can also result in the restrictions over usage of water because if this leak of water continues at the same pace, it would lower the capacity of the water of the city. This would create an ultimate effect on the general public who have to face the situation when the officials will be urged to cut the supply of water in order to save the water for longer period.

Authorities have to take into consideration the dry period which is expected to continue this entire summer and that would lead to the shortage of water in the city. City Manager Mike Joyal also acknowledged that it is going to be situation of water shortage if the leak is not controlled soon.

Bill Boulanger, superintendent of public works says that it has not yet identified that what is the reason behind it but he just suggested that there might be reasons like leakage in the underground pipes of city or backyards of houses. According to him, the cause will be found very soon and the city will be saved from facing the severe condition like shortage of water.

City employees have started working to sort out this this problem and are using pods which use sound waves to detect the running water. To detect the problem, they had to look for the time when the usage of water in the city is minimum and for that, middle of the night is the best time. At that time, most of the people sleep and pipes are also quite due to the less usage of water. At 2 a.m. work starts daily and the detectors are expected to listen to the sound of water rushing inside the ground. Wherever that particular sound is found and listened, investigators would reach the place of leaky pipes.


Before the users at homes gain the water through their pipes, ground water is collected at eight pump houses and after that, it goes to a treatment center. It is difficult to know that where this leakage has occurred and it will take some time to detect that as it is not visible like generally the water leak happens which can be seen in the middle of the streets or they might be found come up out of the ground. Another possibility of leak is under a river or a stream while, infrastructure, on the other hand, is not worth appreciating due to the old pipelines under the ground.

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