Livingston City Is Not Meeting The Targets Of State For Water Conservation


California has been going through the drought and the state had made some strict policies to conserve water for future time. Despite of the efforts of the people of the state, there is still one city which has not been able to save water and comes at the last in the list of cities that had been instructed to be the part of the mandatory water conservation objective.

The name of the city is Livingston and it could not make the authorities of the state glad by its performance in the achievement of this primary goal.

The blame is to be put on the Foster Farms which has been found to be involved in the use of five million gallons water per day. The economy is getting benefits from this chicken processing complex as more than 3000 employees are working with the company as well. If annual water supply of the city is taken into consideration, then the company has been catching the two third of its supply. According to the authorities, this has been the main reason of city’s inability to meet the target.

Company also responded to the criticism and said that the measures have been taken by them for the conservation of the water and currently they have been trying to lower the use of water more. A facility is being employed by the company through which 8 percent more reduction is hoped as compared to the previous year.


Another plan is expected to start very soon which is going to save 20 percent water and needs an investment of around $4.1 million.

Despite of everything, the question about the water conservation by the users in agriculture and industrial fields along with the residential people that whether they have been performing their duty well or not.

The situation of the farmers is such that there is great pressure on them to cut water use. According to the reports, this regulatory and public scrutiny has been highly prevented by the agricultural sector of the state.

Now the rules say that the fact that how much conservation has been done by a community will determine the amount of water required to be cut.

The state authorities have issued the new plan and according to its terms, the biggest water users in California will have to reduce their use of water by 35 percent.

A total of 135 communities has been given such order while there are more 18 communities which will be needed to cut the consumption of water by only 10 percent. This is due to the progress these communities have made so far for the achievement of the goal of the state. 400 water agencies are left after them in California which are going to reduce the water use by 20 to 25 percent.

The farmers of California made announcement about the voluntary cut back few months back which was appreciated by the state regulators.

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