Legal Challenges for the Flint Water


Flint city water supply is facing some legal and regulatory challenges for using the Flint River water for drinking purpose. Flint water supply has been engaged in the wastewater treatment since last one year and since the water supply from Detroit has been stopped which was being taken by the Flint water supply and took the responsibility of developing its own wastewater treatment processes.

Issues Faced by Flint city after leaving Detroit Water Supply

Flint water contains the dirt like E. coli and high trihalomethane levels which has contaminated the water of the city. Trihalomethane (TTHM) was found in eight different sites in the Flint city where testing was done. Flint water had been tried to make clean as quickly as possible to prove that it was not a wrong decision to leave the dependency upon the Detroit water supply and can rely on their own resources. The presence of this contaminant is lessened and are now under the federal guidelines which is confirmed by Department of Public Works Director Howard Croft. But there was one site on the Flushing road, it showed high amount of TTHM still present in the water there which would require the city to give the notice to its more than 30,000 customers about that.

When the Flint city started using its own water supply and did not use the source of Detroit water supply, problems started with the residents which include hair fall and skin rashes. These problems were occurring because of the use of chlorine in the water for the treatment to remove the TTHM and E.coli.


Now Flint city is having the issues of legal challenges and it has been targeting to take the services of Detroit water supply again and stop depending on the Flint River for drinking water. The president of the Concerned Pastors for Social Action told that a suit had been filed as well against Flint city authorities by his group so that it can be stopped from using the Flint River water.

What Flint Authorities are doing now?

There was no response given by the city to the lawsuit but the improvements have been made prominent for the processes. The water processes being used in the Flint city were studied by the administrators of the city and they have been engaging themselves in making the residents and businesses of the city aware about the improvements which have been made so far in order to make the water safe and healthy for drinking purpose.

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