Law Enforcement Policy Need Changes For Public And Police Relationship


On Tuesday, the three regional police officers went public with a strategic plan to develop a better connection between the public and the law enforcement by following the several situations in the country that show their relationship that relationship is decaying.

According to the Oakland officer Michael said that almost 80% employees, which are working in the law enforcement agency would prefer to suggest this job position to their friends and families. This seems, those employees are not satisfied with their jobs and are working in unfavorable conditions in the agency. Many officers from the police agencies feel that their lives are at risk and they feel dejected and de-motivated with their jobs in this field. This De-motivating factor, could be effective in their nature of the job and they failed to work with zeal and enthusiasm for the police force.

The local enforcement of the law is recruiting almost more than $50 million officers for the training nationwide. The company is hiring the officers in the police force and trying to change the legislative process of the police report, which should have tighter restrictions. According to them, it should be restricted to whether the officers body footage on camera would be like the FOIA-able or not.

Bouchard has got many plans regarding the law of reinforcement in the police and got maximum support by the Macomb Anthony and Undersherff Wayne at the headquarters which is located in the Pontiac.


The issue of the brutal relationship between the public and the police raised much when the major headlines came into the news about their cruel and insane behaviors with the minorities in the state, and they received many complaints against the force from the public of the area. The reports contain the custody death issue of the Freddie Gray, who was dying in jail due to the brutality of the police force in Baltimore. Another major case was the shooting of the unarmed Scott in Carolina, which are done at the traffic stop.

The Gray’s death becomes the serious issue in the nation and it create a much riot in the state. The situation was later controlled by the National Guard, which bring the peace in the area. Beside this, there are many cases against the brutality of the police and the corruption which are done locally by them.

The white officer William Melendez, who is from the Novi, was charged with almost 2 felonies after his video of beating the common man, leaked. The Floyd Dent was riding on the bike at the traffic signal when this major incident happened.

Bouchard expressed his opinion in the press conference that such incidents and many legislative officers have impacted negatively on the public, with their brutal and bully behaviors with the public. He requested the disarming officers accompanied them in patrol of the city, at least to the club billy.He further added that the Federal Government should carefully report on the cases, of the officers who killed the public brutally to improve the relationship with the public.

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