Knowledge About The Value Of Water Compulsory For Consumers


Water authorities are busy in finding and implementing the solutions to save maximum amount of water so that the effects of drought can be minimized. Along with the drought solutions, they also have to improve the infrastructure which is getting obsolete. Besides everything, there is a need of making people aware of all the things which are related with such activities. Water officials also admitted that consumers must know everything completely.

Solutions to problems mentioned were discussed in the annual conference which was led by the American Water Works Association through different sessions but on the last day of conference an annual event known as “H2Open Forum” was held and the main focus of this event was on the topic called “The Value of Water”.

The conference had the panel for discussion which included President Elect Jeanne Bennett-Bailey, Cindy Wallis-Lage, President of Global Water Business at Black & Veatch; George Hawkins, CEO and General Manager of the District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority (DC Water); Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; and Snehal Desai, Global Business Director for Dow Water & Process Solutions. The discussion on the value of water was done. Water professionals know that water is reliable, invaluable and essential but there should be ways developed by which knowledge about such importance of water must be transferred to the general public as well.

Drought conditions have forced the water authorities to reduce the supply of water to the users and requirements for the improvements in infrastructure caused them to increase the prices which has become a difficulty for them to convince the consumers that they are not wasting their money rather it is necessary for them to pay to get the clean drinking water.


A significant discussion has been done in the conference and every panelist gave his opinion. Jeffrey Kightlinger called mentioned some of the difficulties which had to be faced earlier.

George Hawkins suggested that it is time for all to unite and make one message together which would create better effects and consumers will be able to understand the value of water through the power of a unified message. He further said that water is the need of everyone and it is a topic of most of the people’s interest that is why consumers will not be reluctant in paying for anything about which they know thoroughly.

Snehal Desai who was also a part of the panelists, did not hesitate in saying openly that expectations for the positive effects of conveying message should be made while keeping in mind that it is going to be long process.

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