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The is the online learning center for the parents, teachers and the students online.


The website requires the student or the parent enrollment for winning the grand gifts online. You need to follow the steps to create your account on this website:

  • Visit the website to open the link for the enrollment process online.
  • The new window has the most information about the program which is offered by this website. It also contains the quizzes and the games for the child learning as well as training for the teachers. You need to open the account on the website.
  • Click the “sign up” button for the enrollment of a new account.This option is available for the new students or the teachers on this website. If they are known with their login details then simply go to the login process of their account online and access the required information easily.
  • It will ask the types of the account which need to be enroll on this website i-e student, teacher, parent. Choose according to your choice to access the website data easily.

Teacher Account

  • Accept the terms and the policies which are given at the start of the page. This acceptance is mandatory for acquiring a free account on this website.
  • Give the First Name and the Last Name in the first two consecutive fields which will identify your account with this name, so, it should be an accurate one.
  • Give the reference name of which students are referred to you as. It would be your name which is used by the students in the teaching center.
  • Enter the email address in the field. This should be the accurate one in the box. This will also receive the new updates about the training sessions or the other related information.
  • Give the password which is suitable for the security of this teacher account on this website. The password strength is calculated by the meter displayed with the fields.
  • Click the “sign up” to complete the process for your new account.

Parent Account

  • Show your approval to the terms and the conditions which apply to the website accounts of the students, teachers and the parents.
  • Give the first name, last name for this new account. The name would identify your you account with these names and it will be displayed on every activity you perform through this account.
  • Enter the email address which is accurate and current to receive the emails from the website about the related stuff.
  • Give the security password to this account to secure your data, information and the other activity from the third party or others.
  • Click the sign up to end the process of the new account.

The confirmation is sent to the auto generated system to the respective user.

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