Jeff Ruby Waterfront Restaurant-Barge Sinks Into Ohio River


In June this year, Jeff Ruby believed that his year long woes surrounding his Waterfront Restaurant in Covington had come to an end, but this was never to be.

Ruby said that while it’s safe to dine inside a floating restaurant, it isn’t safe for sex. He further says that they have constantly been hit by runaway-barges, so they have sunk and had other things too. “It may be   time to say-enough is enough,” he said.

A new waterfront had been planned to be built near the Covington’s RoeblingBridge, but the popular eatery was in February towed down the Ohio-River all the way to Hebron for repairs.

The, came the shocking tweet from Ruby Tuesday morning about the familiar- sounding barge in the river.


“Just another day in paradigm, “Ruby Said.

The restaurant was being swept away again and the crew was working quite hard to strap it and ensure it is safe from the debris that is flowing down stream.

The photos which accompanied the tweet were shocking and showed the once beautiful waterfront restaurant on its side, seemingly toppling over and getting into the water.

Q2Ruby says that his waterfront headache started in 2011 when the awesome dining eatery became unmoored with more than 150 customers and staff onboard. It took the intervention of emergency crews which swamped around the restaurant boat that was lodged in the Bailey bridge nearby.

The bridge and tow boards made sure that the barge remained in place while ropes and ladders were used to evacuate the restaurant.

At that time, Ruby said that his desire was to get all the guests off the restaurant in a safe manner. He further said that he wanted to be there, to see that each of them came out safely and also to talk to them.”When I got there, I knew everyone was safe and all I needed to do next was apologize to them”.

It took a couple of days before the classy restaurant was moored back to place, but the waterfront would not have clients again because of the fact that engineers made some recommendations for the much needed improvements.

Then came the flooding, negotiations with the administration in Covington to assist in paying for the reopening of the restaurant, and the second unmooring in February that was caused by chunks of ice in the river, therefore prompting the move to Boone County.

Ruby said that the business was profitable for a long period of time, but with the devastating events, the waterfront turned into a non profit company. He further said that while he is prepared to take his lumps, God has been good to him, the city too has been very good, and provided him with the best support he ever needed. To him- that is just how money is.

Then came the shocking Tuesday where Ruby’s violet colored piss wasn’t over yet.

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