It’s Shocking About 17,000 New Jersey Drivers Avoids Traffic Tickets


In New Jersey it is quite shocking to know that about 17,000 driver violating red signals and other traffic rules and paying off their traffic tickets. The stat’s company that is operating the traffic camera revealed this fact that they are failed to send them out on time.

In New Jersey, there are so many companies that are managing traffic cameras revealing the fact that thousand of drivers violating red traffic lights caught by cameras but not informed about their potential fines due to traffic rules violations.

American Traffic solutions, the spokesman Charles Territo told that from 30 May to 30 June the company’s server is busy is sending notices to the drivers who are violating the rules.

Territo said that according to the New Jersey traffic laws drivers are obligated to pay fine within 90 days by visiting the court or by accessing the online service


She also told that

“To their credit, they let us know that there was a problem so we could get right on it”

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon that state law maker brought this problem into the public attention by saying this

“This wasn’t 5 or 10 or even a couple of hundred instances – this total breakdown affected almost 17,000 motorists”

The New Jersey camera should be renewed to catch the person who is violating the traffic rules before it reaches to December. Traffic Camera companies are working on improving the system to take quick actions for sending notices to the drivers.

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