Is The Water Supply A New Challenge For The Iran Government


The water is becoming the renewable resource for the human as well as the wildlife of the country like Iran due to the security issues. The Iran’s most important rivers and lakes are drying drastically due to the change in the climate, unplanned policies, bad infrastructure and a high rate population, which has increased the crises in the country dangerously.

According to the Isa Kalantari, who is the former Agriculture Minister of Iran said in an interview that the country water crises are more alarming than the Israel, political fighting of the America. He is at a view that the Iranian land will become unfit to live in the coming years. Due to this the United Nation has tagged the Iran with the “most important human security challenge in the coming decades.” The officials of the government have already described that the water scarcity in the country is very “critical.”

The Iran water crises is not a new issue which is considered now, it is brewing for the last couple of years. The country which enable to get the more than one third quantity of rainfall as compared to the rest of the world will face such critical water situations in the country. According to the latest weather report, it has 25% of its wet surface, which is not balancing the demand and the supply of the water in the country. This water supply issue becomes the traditional act which needed to be settled to cope with the demands and the supply of the water in the country as it is the essential source of living for the human and the animals. The need of the time is that with the increasing population rate in the country, the management authorities should plan some strategies to ramp the extensive demand and the storage of the water to its countrymen. They need to deliver the huge amount of the water to the local sources and the urban areas where the countries almost 70% population residing.

By building the Dams in the country to overcome the water shortage issues, the Iran becomes the third country which has bundles of the water dams and some are under construction which is a good effort towards the plan of the water supply in the country. If such plans become successful, then the great amount of the reservoirs of water, enhancing of the power generation, secure supplies of the water in the urban areas and the agricultural support system will be idealized.


The infrastructure of the Pipeline, which connect the water in the dams which are located near the largest natural sources will play a vital role in controlling the demands of the water at a gigantic area of the country.

Such plans need high foreign investments for the water storage and with the more advanced technology, it will save the water up to 30%. The damages of the ecosystem, the degradation of the quality of water will be increased tremendously.

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