Is The Plan Of The Hydroelectric Dam In Ethiopia Work ?


After the long running dispute on the Neil water sharing in the Ethiopia, now the three African leaders from the different cites came at one point to end the dispute of the water and build Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam in the country which could be effective in supplying the electricity as well as to control the unexpected weather hazards in the country like droughts. The agreement was signed in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum between the Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt.

For several years, Egypt has opposed the plan of the great renewal Ethiopian Dam in the country. He is of opinion that it would worsen the water paucity in the city while the Ethiopia claimed that the Dam project will be beneficial if the Nile water shared with the other parts of the country through this strategy.

The parliament in Ethiopia approves a disputed agreement which replaces the old agreements which were signed between the Sudan and Egypt for getting the maximum share in the Nile water flowing into the country.

The Egypt’s Ex- President Mohammad Morsi gave his statement in a press that Egypt is not agitated the dispute for the war, but they don’t want country water to be supplied for the dam project which endangered the safety of the country. He signed the agreement with Mr Halemaria, who assured them that the dam water will not endanger the any area in the country.


After the lot of debates and votes, now the three leaders are agreeing to sharing the Nile water for the gigantic Dam project in the country. The three also watched the Dam project sample video which highlighted the benefits and positive consequences in the region after the construction of the Dam.

In an interview, Mr Sisi claimed that the project would be the concerning idea of the latest development in the Egypt.

He further added

“The agreement, which is signed on the Dam project will represent a good source of development for the Ethiopians, through producing sustainable energy and green, but for their neighbor who stayed on the other side of the Nile are equal in number and expect same development for the country economically growth. This would be the honorable and friendly gesture for our Egyptian brothers. We all are connected through the Nile water. Our strings are attached like the bank of the water and it is the only source of life for both of the residents who stayed in opposite banks”.

The main purpose of this agreement and ending of the dispute is to demolish the Britain written treaty which they awarded to the Egypt in 1929 with the Veto power. According to this, the project, which has Nile water involvement and which connects the countries staying on the bank of the river with each other is not acceptable and any one of them could refuse the proposal of this gigantic dam project.

On a positive note, this project will be beneficial for the Ethiopia more than the Egyptian. According to the Tawfik, the Egyptians just want to control the damage while Ethiopians could see their national dream come true.

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