Is Santa Barbara, Ready To Adopt Water Conservation Techniques


The Santa Maria largest county is not planning to adopt new and effective techniques of the water conservation in the country, which was introduced by the Governor of the California Mr. Jerry Brown few months back. According to the new water conservation plan, only 25% of the reduction of water in the urban area, while the Santa Marians require more innovative plans for controlling the water consumption in the area to save the water for the future.

On the 5th May, the City Council of the Santa Maria held a committee meeting. The agenda of the meeting is to get aware by the council members,who had shared the important points in the month of the Water Awareness. The city Specialists of the Water Conservation Myra Ritchie declared that the winners of the sixth annual water conservation, which have created the awareness among the people and the kids through the in school competition with the banners,posters and the slogans.

The Andrea Lemus a third grade student in the Santa Maria was the winner of this slogan context of the 6th annual water awareness contest, which was held between the schools to develop the sense of the water conservation and the importance in the minds of the kids. With the drills and the experiments, they could better understand the water situations which are faced by the country people from the last few years due to the drought.

From this awareness program, the Ritchie has shared her opinion with the council members, that the people who stayed in the area could request the audits of the water, which are belong to the department of the utilities to provide the free kits of the water conservation program to the elementary schools. The kits contain the important items which are essential for the drills of the conservation plan. It includes the bathroom sink aerators, ultra low flow shower heads and a leak tablet detector.


The proclamation of the council corresponds with the SWRCB (State Water Resources Control Board) plan which highlighted the water reduction on an emergency basis. The sole purpose of this aim is to conserve the potable water, which is almost 1.2 million acre-feet across the Sant Maria State in the coming months of the year 2015- year 2016.

According to the press release by the Control Board. The 325,900 gallons is equal to the one acre-foot.

At a meeting with a City Council, the public comments were also noticed. According to the Donna Olivera, one of the residents of the Santa Maria said, that this was not a plan but action was taken spontaneously. She said, now the authorities should consider to take the action plan on such water conservation techniques rather than meetings and discussions on such a serious issue.

According to the report submitted by the Sacramento Bee, the usage of the state water is down up to 9% since the year 2014, no matter the Gov already took precautionary actions for the water conservation plan.

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