Is Drought Because Of Weather, Or Is It An Economic Issue!


In news report related to the project of Hamilton, a team with lawyer and the professors were having the discussion, whether the water problem is the west part of the country can be solved by the use of different economic policies that are used for the trading of the water reservoirs between different states.

If the trading of water was possible the farmers would have cut down the production of more water, decrease the prices of crops and sell the crops to the desperate and thirsty city people who are in need of it. These are the words of a professor.

A reliable water policy should give the permission to someone who is in need of water to pay other person so that it can fulfill their demand or to do some kind of investment in their water plants so that they can use the saved water for their benefit.

Now for the second step the local government should provide all the facilities for these savings of water by laying the foundation of important institutions in the market like the water banks that can work as a broker and the ones that provide all kinds of facilities in the trade department.


The usage of the cost signals to price water in a right way and appreciate the saving of water. These were the words of professor at the Arizona University. The recent water saving plan of the government is to supply the powerful industries all the water that is required in low prices.

The current system is lacking few points when it comes to the saving of water but the water storing programs are going through a number of points to overcome its weaknesses. By following these instructions the problem of drought can be solved and the water can be saved on a large scale.

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