Irish Schools New Admission Policy Under The Legislation Law


The Government of Irish is planning to approve a bill on Thursday, which will highlight that the schools should publish their admission policies before the admission and it is equal for all the races. According to the new policy, they would be banned if they try to seek secure deposits for the places.

The Minister of Education Jan O’Sullivan will bring the bill to the Cabinet meeting which is expected to be held in a week. The bill will prohibit any assistance in the payments or deposits for the secure places. No additional charges should be made by any schools. In responding to the law, several schools claimed that their fees which is between the €30 and €40 are based on the administrative costs. Under this law, the department has decided that such additional charges should be excluded from the student school fees and the admission charges. No administrative cost would be added in the admission policy.

From the law, it is clearly seen that the legislation of such charges is based on the schools where past pupils are mostly preferred. The certain important factors are exposed that school, couldn’t reserve the most secure places for the past pupils which are 25% more than the children, of the past pupil. This point was raised by the Ms O’Sullivan’s who is predecessor in Ruairí Quinn.

The Joint Committee of Oireachtas has chaired on the Education, by the TD Joanna Tuffy Mid-West, who has examined the draft of the new legislation related to the admission policy in the schools last years.


According to the law, it has highlighted that they have approved the provisions which will ban the existing practices of the enrollment, such as “cherry-picking” or the inappropriately selection of students who are perceived as to be the most academically talented or who have the greatest prowess of the sports which they displayed clearly in their academy results.

The policy is also cleared the major changes which are proposed and are waiting for the approval. According to that, the applications of the most secure places charges and the past pupil places should not be approved before the October which is the highest enrollment year for the admission of the students in the school. Such changes should take a year before implemented according to the new admission policy which would be submitted at the Cabinet meeting of the Ministers of the Education.

In a recent report submitted to the Education Minister, clearly showed that the one-fifth of the schools which are located in the State are now over subscribed with the Gaelcholáist. They are, in particular, over subscribed with a rate of almost 30%. This clearly observed that the schools which have such rates of over subscription in their admission policy, also selected the student enrollment in this criteria.

This could be helpful for the parents who are interested in knowing the categories of the applicants who are successful in getting the admission in the school. This information contains the information about the school previous enrolled students according to their admission policy.

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