Investigation Of The Pot Firms In California Due To Drought


Marijuana is the plant that uses large amount of water for its growth and the authorities of California State have been putting huge efforts to stop the farmers to waste the water on that plant.

Funding of $3 million was approve last year by Jerry Brown, Governor of the state for the testing of a program pointing to the pot farmers of both small and medium scale in the North Coast and upper Central Valley.

Department of Fish and Wildlife along with the Water Resources Control Board sent their officials to visit around 150 sites and instruction for the use of water are sent with them. Till now, 50 cases of violation have been observed and notices have been filled for them.

The objective of this program is to target the farmers who are involved in the cultivation of the crops on private properties which have the question mark on their legality. These crops belong to those parts of the agriculture in which the rules are not fully prepared.


For the growth of marijuana plant, the farmers need large quantity of water, almost 6 gallons every day for each plant have been used for the purpose. It was a concern of the officials of Wildlife too as it could be damaging for the salmon due to the enhancement of the farming of the weed on the North Coast. It will not have pleasant effect on its population.

One of the government officials, Patrick Foy stressed on the issue as well, according to him, marijuana farm is harming the environment and therefore it is major threat for the wildlife.

Two months ago, inspection of 20 pot farms was done by the officials and during the two days of that scrutiny, many farmers were seen among which they met Howard and Steve Harvey who were brothers and retired persons both having the age of above 70. The growth of pot by these two brothers is being done for over 4 decades.

Their garden with marijuana plants was examined by few environmental scientists. Connor McIntee was the leader of the group who was inspecting it. Steve told that there was no industry, the place was actually bought by them and then people followed them and started growing pot there. He further told that the new farmers have been using hundreds of tanks of water and they are all have concern with the money ignoring the drought we are going through.

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