Indiana Water Supply Have Vinyl Chloride That Can Cause Cancer


Water contaminants have been taken into consideration by the U.S. EPA and it has the target to search the water contaminants which are creating danger for Kokomo, Indiana. Eight years back, a pollutant named as vinyl chloride was found to be present in the wells of municipal water. Kokomo has been added to the list of harmful waste sites which have to be given priority to clean them and now effort is being put by the agency for that purpose.

This is a list of those sites in the country which have the most complex or uncontrolled situationand the objective of the agency is to minimize the risk related to public health and pollutants in the environment which would help the EPA to convert these sites into fruitful community resources.

Still the actual source of contamination is not known therefore state authorities and the federal government have been trying to get maximum possible information about it. Fourteen handlers of chlorinated solvents have been found by them state regulators which are expected to be the cause of spread of contaminants in the ground water. The investigation is being done very well but the agency is yet to find that which the correct region of the contamination is.

Plastics are made by using the vinyl chloride and paper, rubber and glass factories are the places where it is being frequently found. Contaminants can enter the water when they are leaked from the pipes and discharged from the plastic factories. The limit set by the federal government for drinking water is 0.002 mg/L or 2 ppb.


Now if we look at the current situation, this would mean that the people who are using the water from the wells for drinking purpose, their health is in danger but on the other hand Indiana American Water provides the services of a filter system which make the tap water for the residents safe which they may drink without any fear despite of the presence of such contaminant in the water.

Water quality supervisor at Kokomo’s Indiana American Water treatment plant, Kirk Kuroiwa told that pockets are present within the cities in which residential wells would be in use of the people to get the water and the dangerous part is that this water would not be tested and they could not get rid of the contaminants as there would be no technology with them for that purpose.

Kuroiwa also told the dangers of the contaminants present in the water. According to him, these chronic contaminants can lead to cancer if people consume them for a long period.

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