Increase In The Rates In North Carolina Without Public Hearings


The ability to increase the rates will be retained in water utilities in North Carolina without the load of holding public hearings. The new rule has been decided to be permitted by the Supreme Court according to which it is allowed to raise the prices which would be beneficial for the public by letting the waterworks working privately to recoup expenditures for the betterment of the infrastructure required for the upgrading of the quality of the water used for drinking purpose.

The hike in the rates that will be without public hearings are applicable only to some specific infrastructures that are required to be improved on the pumps and pipes that are existing and are not applied to the new projects or extensions. Typically, improvement in the infrastructure includes the projects in which manganese and iron are filtered out that occur naturally.

State administration had given the approval of this policy of increasing rates and then later it was adopted by the officials of the state. It was Aqua North Carolina that requested for this policy. The water utility is the largest of all the private utilities in the state and has overall ninety thousand water and sewer customers within the state. It was May 2014 when the Utilities Commission gave the approval of the policy.

According to the Attorney General of the state Roy Cooper, the new policy will give the utility power to spend an excessive amount of money and recover it from the customers through their bills.


According to the court opinion, the decision that has been made by the commission was dependent on the facts which are enough and adequate and they had got the support of the substantial proof in view of all the record.

The decision of the court was appreciated by Aqua America and Aqua America President and CEO Christopher Franklin gave the statement that the decision given by the court is a news that is really going to be liked by the customers of the utilities of both wastewater and regulated water. In the entire North Carolina state. Now through this new policy Aqua and other water utilities may be able to spend the capital on the areas where it is very much required. More spending would help in the improvement of the quality of the services that are given to their customers.

It is the publically traded utility which is engaged in the serving of more than 3 million customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinoi, Indiana, New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina.


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