Inadequate Water Supply Hits Jamaican Schools As New School year Is About to Start


There are problems facing children who are about to return to school in Jamaica. There has been a report that with the school year just 3 days away, the Robert Pickersgill the Minister of Water, Land, Climate and Environment Change has admitted that there is a shortage of water and that across the island there are 200 schools who will be pretentious and the water available to them will be inadequate.

There has been work carried out between Mr Pickersgills department and the Education Ministry and they have put out a joint statement explaining the reason for the shortage. As there is little or no storage facilities at most of the schools, they are not able to keep enough on site.

Mr Pickersgill has promised “For those educational institutions that have adequate storage capacity, I want to give every assurance that the National Water Commission, and the Rapid Response Unit, in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development, will be doing their utmost to supply water to the affected schools, so that the new school term will commence as smoothly as possible.”

To make sure that pupils are not left short during the school day, he has also promised that water will be trucked into the affected schools in an attempt to make the problems as easy to deal with as possible. He continued to explain what has been done to reassure residents that the problem was being taken seriously and not being ignored.


A number of organisations have been brought in to help and the NWC is going to start taking the necessary amount of water to the schools who are suspected to run short in the near future. They will be given help from both the Rapid Response Unit and the Local Authorities who will make sure that it is possible for water to reach schools were the NWC does not at present have a supply.

There has been some good news for schools since the story broke as Barry O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer of Digicel have donated 650 gallon tanks to local schools for storage. He said“The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and what it represents is admirable and Digicel has supported it, however it is imperative that we also localize such social media trends and make them beneficial to Jamaicans.” In a further good gesture they will arrange installation and make the first deposit of water.

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