Immigration Will Not Be Tackled Until November After The Congressional Elections Have Taken Place


It has been reported that there is going to be a delay in the executive action that was expected to be taken regarding immigration. It seems that this is not now going to happen until after the Congressional elections have been held in November. It is reported that the reason for this is because President Obama is concerned that it could cost his Democrats seats and therefore control of the Senate.

This is being hailed as a change of heart for the president who just months ago promised that if Congress did not act there would be unilateral measures announced. The word from the White House is that “partisan politics” is the reason why it is not going to happen. An official said that it was because it was “political season” and blamed “the Republicans’ extreme politicization of this issue.” They continued to say that this does not mean that the policy is being forgotten about but needs to be delayed. It is believed that there will have been action taken before the year has ended.

As expected the decision was not well met from advocates of immigration reform and they have claimed that this is a “betrayal of the 11 million undocumented immigrants” who are at present residing in the USA.

Republican Senators are claiming that the decision is a cynical attempt to put off the policy and that many of the residents of the country are being used as pawns in an attempt to help the Democrats in the elections.


Immigration it seems is going to be used by the Republicans in a way that they believe will help them win seats from the Democrats and this is a view that has not been lost on Mr Obama.

Americas Voice has waded in and also seem to be blaming the President and the rest of the Democrats. Frank Sharry who is the Executive Director of the group has said that the only mistake they had made was to believe what they had been told.

The Presidents’ position has not been helped by the fact that it has been reported that there have been 63,000 children entering the USA from Central America in the past 12 months.

After the elections it seems that there will need to be bridges rebuilt between the President and immigrant communities and it seems that there will be more that needs to be offered as a result of the delays.

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