Huntley Water Supply Safe Despite Recent Fish Deaths


Residents of Huntley are a worried lot because of the recent fish kill at a pond located in Del Web Sun City.

Harry Leopold, a village Trustee mentioned the incident Monday in a board meeting when   asking about the safety of water which is used in the village.

Available reports show that hundreds of dead fish and other marine life were found dead and the first group of the affected fish was spotted on 5th august.

Authorities suspect a truck accident which poured its contents into a water catchment area may have been responsible for the deaths. Samples have been collected and taken for   analysis, according to the Illinois Environmental Agency.


David Johnson, a village elder said that tests are done regarding the quality of water on everyday basis and they have been found to be acceptable. He added that there hasn’t been new information regarding the cause of the deaths in Illinois from the state’s Environmental Protection Agency.

“Our water was not affected by the spill because our wells are situated more than one thousand feet deep,” Johnson said.

However, at this time, the lake remains closed to the public because of possible contamination.

And in other news, DEEP has been accused of being too quick to close swimming areas.

Early this week, the shocking news of the closure of RockyNeckState Park’s EastBeach by the department of energy and environmental protection caught many people by surprise.

The closure was prompted by possible contamination which is caused by bacteria. This is according to a report about water sample that was taken by the DEEP.

There were no toxicants or pathogens that were located, yet the officials closed the beach due to possible contamination.

No one could challenge when an area is closed to swimmers because there are pathogens. But closing of such areas should be done when there is enough evidence about the existence of pathogens in the water.

Too often, DEEP closes swimming areas even when there is no concrete evidence about the existence of such pathogens and confirmed by water tests.

“Whenever a problem is suspected, all that DEEP does is include the word “possibility” and just proceed to close it even when no problem is present,” said Greg Johnson, a resident.

Tests for water quality look at common species of bacteria which are normally found in soils as indicator of the existence of contamination especially after run offs or storms occur.

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