How To View Premier Bank Electronic Letters And Communications


This First Premier bank is American best financial service provider, which have offered the members, to monitor their financial account with all the possible activities like paying of bills, checking of balance, alerts or subscriptions of the company updates and news on the website.

Important to Understand

This feature doesn’t need any credit card account on the website. Simply follow the enrollment process to this letter receiving application and get the online link to your account. You could also access through the other account. As you access your registered account, then open it and on the left hand you will find the letter link in the menu, which will deliver the letter of your account quickly again into your account.

Steps to enroll

  • Visit to the website URL to activate the process.
  • The page will open the enrollment form which has few requirements to activate the process. By filling the correct information in the fields, this will help them to enroll for the electronic letters and communication notifications received in their account. The process is simple and you need to follow as mentioned in coming steps.
  • Provide your account number in the four boxes given with the name. The account number of your financial account should be given correctly. This will provide the information of the customer account, and will send the related news and information to the user.
  • Give your SSN last 4 digits in the other box as it is given with the box name. The SSN will confirm your identity of the United States citizen.
  • You must read the privacy statement before submission of this application. This information is secure and confidential according to the company policy.
  • Are you ready to submit the form, then click “continue” to move towards the next step.
  • If you received more instructions for this enrollment, then follow as required and complete the whole process with all the valid information.

As the user completes the form, they will get the email from the company which have the letter and could be viewed online through their account.

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