How To Use Corrlinks Communication Facility


The main purpose of establishing CorrLinks is to provide a communication facility to your dear ones who are in prison due to any reason. This is an email based communication which you can use to great effect. This system facilitates not only your family members, but it also includes your friends and loved ones as well.

How It Works:

It is very simple to start the procedure, and you just need to sign in or log in with your details at the Corrlinks’s official webpage. You will receive your code in the very first email which you have received. Your code will be used at different stages by you. After that you will receive some system-generated messages that a person named (XYZ) is a prisoner in any of federal prison wants to communicate with you. Now it is up to you that you want to communicate with him or otherwise. Corrlinks also give you the option to block a person who invites you to communicate with him.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are There Any Charges For Using The Website?


Well, it depends on upon the agreement which is made between correctional agencies and others. Sending and receiving messages are entirely free of cost. You also can get answers to your queries regarding Corrlinks at this link

Will You Refund My Balance If My Inmate No Longer Avails This Facility?      

Yes, we will refund your balance. All you need to do is to send a cancellation request to us and tell us that you do not have any inmate in any of our institutes, or you do not want to make any communication with him. After this, your balance will be refunded within the next 48 hours. Your refund will be made to your credit card.

Is My Communication Monitored?

Yes, it might be. It depends on the situation. Institute can monitor any or all of your conversations.

I Forget My Login And Its Password. How Can I Get The New One?

You can reset your password after giving some of the details which are provided by you at the time you have created your account. It is a very simple procedure.

Can I Block Or Unblock An Inmate?

Yes, you can block or unblock an inmate at any time you want to. All you need to do is to forward a written request to our institution that you want to block or unlock a person with his / her details. When you want to unblock a person you have to re-adds your email to create a new invitation to have a new code. You will have to complete all the procedure which was done for the very first time to create your log in details.

The Issue Regarding Unable To See Received Messages:

It is very simple! You need to delete all of your temporary internet files. If you still have the same problem you just need to click on “Unread Messages Only”. This will solve your problem. Your inbox will only show the messages which are received in last two weeks. So all you need is to have sufficient space for new messages.

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