How To Start Union Plus Card Paperlesss Statements


The world eighth largest company Capital One has offered its customers the best credit card services called Union Plus in the United States of America. The company provides its customers, the best of financial benefits which ease their lives. The company has total 963 stores operating in all parts of the country and serving with their best financial services.

The company secured the customer money by providing a variety of beneficial financial plans like loans or leasing plans, investment plan and special card bonus service. The user needs to register themselves on the official website of the bank to avail all the benefits which are provided on this service to their users.

Benefits of An Account

The user could get the billing, transactions and other financial activities on their registered account. Some online accounts could help them to schedule their payment dates. This would help them to pay their bills on time. The registered account would be secure and monitored effectively by the customer.


Beside these financial activity monitoring, this card service which has been provided by the company to its users give paperless benefits which are fast and reliable.

Go Green Service

The paperless service is called “Go Green” service which is like your printed bank statements.

By selecting this new feature of this card service, the user could get certain benefits.

  • Email Notifications.

At the end of the year, the user account will receive all the monthly statements of the financial activities performed through this account from the company.

  • Less Risk.

This service could secure your statements from the third party frauds or thefts.

  • Fast and Easy Accessible Information

Through this service, the user could access their account online statements from everywhere at the anytime.

  • Billing or Expense History

The user could check their account billing history anytime through this user account. They need to login to their registered account at the official website for fast and secure access.

  • My Greener Style

The user needs to register themselves for this “go green” service which is powerful steps towards saving the environment.

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