How To Redeem NY Lottery Prize


The NY lottery is the American website, which offers the users to play the games and win the prices by the lottery game.

How to Get Prizes

The users who play these games could get their points easily by redeeming them on the website. They should have to follow the certain rules to win the games which are published on the company website.

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The user should have a ticket which is allotted by the company to its users for playing the games on the company website. They should sign on the back of their card. The signature is necessary for the protection of the ticket which is allotted for the specific game. The player could get the prize, which is much than the $600 available at all the local lottery retail stores for the customers. You should be aware that these prizes on the tickets are worth up to a year after it is allotted by the lucky draw.

Take Five

The user who has the tickets for this game, which is named as the Quick Pick could get its bonus prize by claiming on the any retailers of this lottery company within a year after the lucky draw date pass. This claiming option is available for a year and if you need a prize, you should redeem the points in a limited time period.

Mailing Prize Claimation

The user could claim their prizes on the game tickets by sending the mail at the company local store or the retailer with the claiming form which is available at the company website. When you complete the claim form, you could send them at their mailing address P.O. Box 7533, Schenectady, NY 12301 – 7533.

Local Store Claim

The user could visit the company site office for the claim ticket. The retailer will generate the ticket which should attach with the copy of the claim form. You should keep it safe, until the company send the check at your mail service.

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