How To Play NY Lottery, Lotto Game


The NY lottery is the online gaming website of the company which offers the bonus prizes for winning the game.

Guidelines to Start

The user who wants to play this game, should follow the following steps which indicate how to play this game on the company website.

  • Check the company website which has the specific game mentioned on the page with the important steps.
  • Firstly, you need a lottery card which would be provided by the retailers to its customers. The card contains the almost 10 panels of the games which have numbered given from the 1-59.
  • The player needs to choose any 6 numbers from the available list of numbers to start the game. This would be player choice of the numbers.
  • Make sure, you are circling the selected numbers with the either blue or the black pen, as the game doesn’t allow the red pen to encircle the numbers. If you need to select the computer choice of the numbers, then you could go to the Quick Pick option which will let the computers to auto-select any 6 numbers for the players.
  • Now the next step requires the selection of the wager amount which should be minimum of $1 acceptable for the 2 game panels. You could only select the $5 amount for the almost 10 play cards.
  • The players of this game, couldn’t select their option for the payment while purchasing the tickets for this game. If they won the jackpot points, that should be redeemed within at two months.
  • Claim the prize, when you show the retailer the play card within a year, you could get the separate ticket for the every game on the website.
  • Verify your ticket by verifying the numbers and the date of the ticket to the retailer, which is printed on your card.
  • In order, to get the winning prize, you should compare at least 5 numbers from the 6 number which is drawn on the play card and it also contains the Bonus number of the player. The Bonus Number would be the seventh number which is allotted to the 2nd prize winner.

The game could be play 7 days a week at the specific timings of 4:00a.m.


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