How To Play New York Lottery Lotto Game


In Lotto Game you can try your luck for seven days in a week. The schedule to play game is 4:00am to 3:30am or 11:00 pm on night of drawing when game closes. Start game earlier in order to avoid lines of last minute. You can become a subscriber of Lotto game to get all updates about game.


Keep following rules in mind in order to pay A LOTTO game of New York Lottery.

  • You need to pick up a Lotto play card from New York Lottery. with more over 10 panels of game each panel is divided into squares with number of 1 to 59
  • You need to pick up six number from given squares of 1 to 59 numbers
  • Make sure that you use blue or black pencil or pen whereas red ink is not acceptable. Fill squares in game panel starting from 6 to 59 of your choice.
  • You can select random number through computer for you. After that you need to specify a wager amount with minimum play of $1 for 2 games panels.
  • Don’t choose your payment mode on the time of purchase you can choose it after the claim of prize at Lottery customer service center.
  • At the end you need to give your play card to retailer and receive ticket against each play card. You also need to verify your ticket that either the printed information is correct or not.

To see either you are a winner or not watch TV Drawings program on every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:21 pm


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