How To Apply For The M&T Bank Visa Signature Credit Card


In 1856, M&T the best commercial bank in the New York City, United States. Since, then the company is working both national and international around the world.

Special Cards

The company offers its customers with the special bonus cards to maintain ease the lives of customers and the loyalty. It also provides its customers beneficial financial services which facilities to secure their money. The company has issued special bonus cards to their valued customers, which increase their goodwill and customer attention and trust towards the bank. They availed this valued service through these special cards. The card holders could transfer, withdraw and pay their bills easily through this card.



This valued signature card has excellent features. You can have unlimited cash back, which is 1.5% on all the purchases. This card does not acquire any annual fee. With every $1,000 purchases which you have made in first three months after issuance of this card will earn 10,000 bonus points. The customer could redeem their gift cards, cash, merchandise, travel, gets experiential rewards and more. The card has Variable 14.24% to 18.24% APR’s. The best feature is that the card would not be charged fees for their foreign transactions which they made through this card outside of the United States.

How to Get

Here are simple steps to avail this reward program.

  • By Local Person

By contacting the local person, the card holder could search the nearest branch for their application. The user could visit their postal address for the registration

  • By Online Account

The user could apply online for this registration. They need to fill the registration form uploaded on the bank website for this card. The user should fill the personal information as required in the form. You should be careful in filling all the valid data in the require field so that the agent could contact you for the confirmation of your personal information in the required fields.

  • By Phone

You can contact on the main center phone numbers i-e 1-800-724-3222.

The customer should provide their valid information to successfully complete the form.

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