The Chlorination in all the available forms was the main process for the treatment of plants to remove the infection from waste water. The plant for the treatment that uses the chlorination of gas will have to face regular observance in the term of a Risk Management program.

The plants of the liquid chlorine are extra expensive and less productive. The chlorine in solid form is good for the treatment packages. Apart from all this the UV technology is fast changing the landscape by removing the infection.

Chlorine is a chemical that is accepted as a main disinfection from almost hundreds of years and its limit is also bearable for a long time.

Even small amounts of chlorine are very poisonous for the aquatic animals and there is no study of long time of the de-chlorinated materials. The again using application where the water is used for irrigation can have effect on the life under water with chlorinated effluent.


The alternative process of disinfection will be UV rays that is said to be one of the expert methods of removing the infection with the help of using ozone and chlorine. We can say that this method is also mature because we are using it from a long period of time. UV method is having extra resistance against chlorine.

In front of all these advanced technologies UV is increasing its value and soon it’s going to leave the process of chlorination far behind.

There are also some advantages that are considered for the development of UV disinfection. For example, the disinfection without addition of any chemical extra chemicals. The process of UV is making its progress in North America and is getting famous among the people as compared to the process of chlorination.

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