How Can You Access Citigold For Investing


Citibank is the American best financial service provider whose branches working successfully around the globe. Since 1812, the company has been giving best and high quality, high standard services to its valued customers. The company headquarter is located in the New York City.


The users who valued customers of this bank holding company could avail a variety of the beneficial services offered by the company to its users. The company gives affective investment plans, mutual fund help for the small business start ups, credit cards and the Master Card services, loans and others valuable services to their registered customers. Beside this the valued customers, who hold their special bonus card could get the chance to avail the American Airline best services after their purchase of $750 on their special cards. This offer is valid only for special card holders of this company.

Ways to Use


There are many ways through which you could get the information about your cards on the company website. You could have either asked the advisers of the company which are located near your location branch by contacting on their numbers, or you could get information by yourself. All the details and the methods are mentioned on the company website.

How to Use

  • Click on the link
  • As the window appears, so now under the Access tab, as mentioned at the right corner of the window you can see the contact information of the respective advisers of this service.
  • Choose the city location from the drop down menu. This would linked your connections with your area investment adviser for the further assistance.
  • You can also scrutinize your search by entering your postal address in the require field with your city name.
  • Choose your State from the drop down menu. This will connect with the exact adviser in your area for your financial queries related to the investment plans.
  • Click on the Find button when you have accurately filled the require information as mentioned in the above steps.

The user of this card holder could contact for further assistance after the search of the advisers near their location. You can call on their number 1-877-357-3399 for further asking queries about your special card.

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