Hope Looms Large When It Comes to New Policies Around Climate Change


According to UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey there is a better chance now of there being a deal struck when it comes to climate change than there has been for decades.

It is reported that there has been a great deal of momentum over the last few years and it is believed that there will be success when leaders meet in Paris at the Conference of Parties to be held next year.

Mr Davey says that for the first time there seems to be enough happening for there to be a deal struck, and that as hoped, climate change was going to be bottom up with new legislation being drawn up and implemented. This will cover 66 countries and between them there will be 500 climate change laws.

It is thanks to reports concerning the four major culprits when it comes to emissions and the areas involved are the USA, Europe, India and China. While these 4 are showing signs of putting policies into place that will seriously cut the emissions it is understandable that Mr Davey is so hopeful about the future.


It is agrees that the countries erring the most need to make the biggest changes, but it cannot be done with just the 4 named. All countries need to play their part and it does seem that many others are going to sign up as well. Mr Davey does concede that the figure that is being suggested is ambitious as the new package that will be discussed next month will include a GHG target of 40% as a minimum.

When it comes to the USA Barack Obama has been robust in outlining the plans that he has with regard to power plants and has promised other nations that they do not have to worry about the US playing their part.

It seems that everything is falling into place at the moment as it is largely thanks to the new Prime Minister of India, Naremdar Modi that there has been a change in their outlook and Mr Davey is sure that he will carry on with the work he implemented in Gujarat and will ensure that the whole nation becomes involved. China seems to be the same as President Xi Jinping has promised that there will be sanctions for those who break the rules.

It is not yet known if David Cameron or Ban-ki Moon will attend but Mr Davey ended by saying “Only those with the hardest hearts will…..gamble their children’s future, given what we already know.”

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