The consequences of the California’s historic drought have started to seen in the California where the people have been caught snooping the open fire hydrants in order to steal the water. This is something new and of course, concerning for the California. It is dangerous!

Receiving the reports from the East Contra Costa County in which the people are relying on the water of the wells. There are also concerns in the Kings County on this issue.

After getting the reports about the thieves who are stealing the water from the fire hydrants, the The Public Works Department in the Lemoore have hired the officials to regularly scan the streets of the city in order to find out the thieves who are stealing the water from the fire hydrants.

According to the reports – After the wells have been dried up in response to the historic drought, there have been thousands of the gallons water that have been found missing from the fire hydrants. The thieves are stealing it.


A construction team in Dublin-San Ramon district was recently trapped stealing the 700 gallons of the water.

According to the officials – this is not at all a cost-effective offense. The imposed fine was $2,084 and the original cost of the water stolen was only $12.88.

According to the official – the construction crew was caught red handed while tapping the fire hydrant to steal the water by the district inspector and he directed the construction team to stop. The construction team gratified, but right after one hour when the inspector passed by, the construction team had purportedly revisited their hoses.

The fine is not that high in some water districts. But, the officials are weighing up to increase the fine – according to the district official.

The board is considering increasing the fine now that we have decided to increase to create more prevention for the people who might be attracted to steal the water.

According to the reports – The current fine that would be imposed to thieve after he teal the water from the fire hydrant is only $25. The fine should be very soon increased to the $250 and as high as the $500 for the ones who do it again.

Well, if this kind of water theft be there for long, then it will result in a black market for the water and it should be stopped now considering the criticalness of the issue!

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