High Concentration Of Chlorine Caused Problems At A Wastewater Plant


Wastewater management is an important measure being taken by different states authorities to save more water and make it clean for the drinking purpose. A wastewater treatment plant in Detroit became known due to a serious issue which had to be faced by the workers busy in their duties. The issue was found to be regarding an increase of the chemical in the wastewater management process. This increased amount of chlorine burnt the eyes of the workers due to which evacuation of the plant was considered a must step. The situation got out of control and 911 was called to handle that.

Chlorination process is used to remove drugs from the wastewater which has been quite successful as well but the drawback in this method is that if usage of chlorine is mishandled, it can cause some serious problems for the employees working to achieve the goal of removing waste. Effects which can be caused due to the overexposure to the chlorine gas include irritation in the eyes and respiratory tract along with tearing, coughing, choking, running noses, sneezing, and chest pain.

Federal Centers for Disease Control explained the severe effects of chlorine exposure and it further told that this can cause breathing problems as well which can be at a dangerous level and also lead to pneumonia.

Samples have been taken to know about the causes of the incident which happened created such severe effects. It is still not certain that what was actually behind all this and it is also being made to ensure that this would never happen again.


Detroit water provider has guaranteed that the water is not harmful for the users. Detroit Water and Sewerage Department spokesman Greg Eno on the other hand said that there is nothing serious happened, these things happens.

A report about odor thresholds has appeared which showed it between 0.02 and .2 ppm for most of the subjects. Coughing and nasal irritation occur at around 0.5 ppm. At Detroit wastewater plant a higher concentration of chlorine was exposed which caused choking, burning of nose and mouth and substernal pain.

The problem has not occurred in the Detroit but also in April, an incident occurred near Philadelphia as well. In a Montgomery County neighborhood, chemical odor was in the air and it caused more than 50 homes to be evacuated and situation of many people was in danger as they have to be taken to the hospitals. The event happened due to the cleaning of a tank by a local business.

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