Healthy Water Supply Is Providing Healthy Environment To Ethiopians


Water is the most important need of the human being. We could survive without food for a few days, but without the pure and clean water supply, the human beings feel the death in their eyes. The country like Ethiopia is facing poor water supply for many years. This paucity starts with the era when the cities like Addis Ababa failed to fulfill their public basic needs and this becomes a major issue for the country. We all know that the urban population growth is always depends on the rate of the births in the country and when the migrants start moving towards the such areas, the situation get worse. The Water Supply and Hygenie are one of the basic components of our social service which is needed for the urban areas as well. Water is not only a household resource, but also it’s worked for various other sectors like social and economy in the country.

Since ages, the paucity of drinking water has become the critical problem for the capital residents. The tap water took weeks of availability for the residents in the Ababa city which in return, force the poor residents of the many areas in the Addis Ababa to use impure water of the streams in the country. This was the serious blow to the health of the people living there.

On 23 March, 2015, the city residents are celebrating this special event after the bulk amount of water supply in the country. According to the report, the water level goal is now 7c which is MDG’s (Millennium Development Goals). It means that almost 57% of the Ethiopia population is now getting pure and good quality water supply through hand pumps or taps in their houses.

In a health report submitted by the Health centers, now Ethiopia public is greatly enjoying the best of health in their country by the good quality water supply in their urban areas as well. This brings the death rate in the area from 5 to two-third in the country.


The biggest achievement of the country is that they are successfully providing pure water supply to almost 55 million people, which was 6.9 million in previous 25 years. This achievement imposes a healthy environment is twice or thrice bigger as compare to the last pathetic 25 years of Ethiopions life.

This success is incomplete without the strong, persistent leadership, best investment donors and strong policy tools of the Government of the Africa. The country has developed a best Water Sector Development Program and Water Sector Strategy for their urban areas. Since 1990, the Ethiopian Government funded almost US$ 2 billion in collaboration with other NGO’s, private sector and development partners for this mega project of the water supply sectors in the country. They also encouraged the donors who are willing to invest in the technologies cost which improve the inclusion levels.

The participation of the UNICEF is commendable, they helped the Ethiopian Government to the introduction of hand pumps, drilling machines which were supplied from the UK and other advanced techniques to increase the purity and accessibility of water for the people.

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