Head Of Las Vegas Utility Under Investigation


Investigation for the 15 years ago case of poisoning of the children has been started against the reassigned water and sewer head in Las Vegas. The incident was happened due to the medication which caused the vomiting to the children and they had to run to the hospitals.

The safety of the water system of the city was overseen by the utilities manager for North Las Vegas, Jerome Breland. In 2001 he was convicted of poisoning the children. He was accused of performing an act of negligence at his duty for the safety of the property or the people.

According to the reports, an apology came from him when the peers of his son were drugged with Ipecac by putting the substance in the bottles containing water. He claimed that he was getting injected into the conflict among the minors.

He said that it was beyond his understanding that something would have been done by him like that. Since then he always tried to convert himself into a better individual as well as a citizen. House arrest for 6 months and 3 years’ probation were assigned to him.


After 15 years, the question arose for the Las Vegas water customers that is it fair to give the hold of the water management of the city to a man who had been in the conviction of the poisoning of children in the football team of his son in the year 2000.

According to the laws of state, the water operator’s certificate can be revoked which Nevada Division of Environmental issued in case of disregard proved by the operator regarding the safety and health of people.

The conviction of Breland was brought back though a complaint to the environmental on the radar. It was written in the complaint that those must not run the day cares who remained in the molestation of the children, those do not have to work at the banks who were thieves and those with the record of poisoning the water supply of the children must not be allowed to be in hold of the water department and they should not have any rights to be in charge of the water quality.

When the incident of poisoning of the water for the children was happened, Breland was a technician in the department of water. In 2007, he was promoted as the supervisor of the water systems.

There was a child in the team of the son of Breland whom he was actually looking to hurt. He thought that the boy had done something wrong with his son. He added the ipecac in a bottle of the juice and gave that bottle to his son. While the bottle was given, the son was instructed that he must not drink from that and also he should not say anything if others do so. Police told that is a medication due to which vomiting occurs and that was used for the treatment of some kinds of poisoning once.

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