Gov. Deval Signs New Stow Water Supply Bill Into Law


A legislation aimed at establishing new water supply infrastructure in Stow town has been signed. The legislation was signed into law by Governor Deval Patrick.

H.3935, a legislative act which related to a parcel of land in the town and another 3474, another piece of legislation that pertains to certain piece of land in the town of stow will grant the city the legal authority of two parcels of land which measure.74 acres.

The land was initially used for conservation purposes and the town of stow would now be constructing structures, transmission lines and a wide range of other facilities in the lower villages all of which are aimed at operating a public water supply utility on a land that is owned by the public.

As of now, there isn’t a viable water supply in the lower village and this legislation will come handy in ensuring that the residents as well as the business community have enough water


“Water is a very precious resource which is critical for the expansion of the local economy, “said Eldridge Hogan. “This measure will go a long way in ensuring that the provision of safe and clean water resources for residential and commercial use is achieved. This way, commercial entities will also be at a better position to expand their operations,” added Eldridge.

Finding the best ways to take water to the lower villages if the city of Stow is very important for the community and also for the overall economic development.

The senator said that he was happy to pass the law which will allow the construction of a new water supply system. The senator added that they were willing to work with the city’s Planning Board and Conservation Commission to ensure that the legislation which is passed achieved its objective.

“These home rule bills are just but a shot in the arm to Stow’s business district and it’s an important investment in the future of stows,” added Eldridge.

But the residents received these new with mixed reactions. According to Sammy Krmer, a resident of the city, this legislation is long overdue and would have been passed many years ago. However, now that the city officials, commissions, the senator and the governor have done the most appropriate thing, there is no doubt that economic activities in the city will expand.

Clara Gilberts, a resident of the city said that with the ever increasing population, having an additional public water supply is very paramount. “It couldn’t have come at a much better time,” she said.

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