Good Water Supply Needed To Ensure Shale Gas Production Runs Well


It seems that shale gas is always in the news for one reason or another and as it is about to spread around the world, it would be a good idea if they made plans to ensure that there was not a problem caused for their water supply.

Analysis has been received from the World Resources Institute to show that were there is shale gas there tends to be water stress in 38% of the cases. If not dealt with at the beginning and by people who are aware of what needs to be done, there could be serious problems when a country in hoping to develop the use of shale gas.

It has been reported that the process of getting shale gas out of the ground is always going to need a lot of water and while it is important to make sure that the areas where the fracking is going to take place has a high amount of gas there is also the need to make sure that there is enough water nearby to allow the job to be done properly.

It is only now that the information is available and countries are in a position to know where they should allow fracking and where is may be best to refuse. In the report Global Shale Gas Development: Water Availability and Business Risks there is a deep analysis of the facts and figures.


It is reported that the availability of water is going to be a problem for at least 5 of the countries where is is believed there is the greatest potential of getting shale gas out. These countries are South Africa, China Pakistan Mexico and India.

The benefits of shale gas are clear – new jobs could be created, extra revenue will be brought in and it will be an ideal way to improve the percentage of fuel that comes from natural resources, but it is also clear that it is not without its problems. Add to this the fact that there is less of a risk associated with climate change.

It is unfortunate that the process is still so water intensive as the countries who could benefit the most need to be careful with water and what is available is also needed for industry, farming and to drink.

When it comes to the work a report has been published stating that supplies have to be kept secure and where possible not use fresh water. All in all it will be a good way to utilise shale gas and not waste water.

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