Global Waterfront Development Could Lead to Creation Of A Public Park


It may have taken a long time to get to this position –and a lot of debate as well – but the Kelowna City Council have decided that the time is right to look at an application that has been put forward regarding 12 waterfront properties that are owned by the council. The idea is that they will be rezoned and the space will be used for the creation of a new park. Although this will be a change of use for some of the land, it is a change that is being welcomed across large parts of the community.

The properties are residential and some of them make up the 3000 Abbott Street block, one of them is on Meikle Avenue while others are on Walnut Street. There had been a proposal put in from a developer and there have been discussions around using the money to create a public park as a result of concerns from local residents who worried that it would be used for other purposes.

The City has been strong when it comes to insisting that the residents had nothing to fear but decided that they would make sure that there was no criticism leveled at them for neglecting the views of the electorate. 30 community volunteers are involved and they are residents, area neighbourhood association reps along with developers and a number of members of the newest group to move into the area, the Kelowna Paddle Club, and could be concerned that they are about to lose their new base.

As well as this it has been reported that there has been consultation with the community as a whole and much of this has taken place online. Having taken everything that they had been told into account, the decision was made to turn the area into a park and exclude developers. So far there has not been a statement regarding how the developers feel about this turn of events.


There is still some way to go as the decisions have not been made regarding what is going to go into the park. It is hoped that there will be a place found for the paddle club, but there will still be other areas to develop. It is believed that there is going to be a major investment on the behalf of the city and the latest research is suggesting that it could be as much as $1 million

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