Global Waterfront Design Unveiled as Superior Employ Andrew Scott as A New General Manager


Superior have announced that they have taken on Andrew Scott as a General Manager. He has over 20 years’ experience in the business and has worked previously for Sunrunner Boats based at Molendinar on Queensland’s Gold Coast then before that for Theiss Leighton a construction company.

It is expected that he will be an active member of the Southport Chamber of Commerce, as his role as General Manager allows him a place on the board.

A lot of his job is going to be covering areas that had previously been the responsibility of the CEO John Hogan as he is now preparing to take on a role that covers more development and strategy. Scott goes on to explain that ‘This is the first step in the restructuring process. ‘After 25 years, the next phase of evolution of the company will rely on John concentrating on the international business, as well as handling the technical, engineering and strategic growth of the company.’

He went on to explain further aspects of the role by saying ‘I will be working on the financial re-scoping of the business, managing the sales team and product delivery. I bring my industry knowledge, global network and experience ‘in the trenches’ to the fold. It’s a great fit, and a great opportunity for me to add value to this significant global marine company.’


Superior is working in a number of areas at the moment and under the banner “Play” there is marina construction as well as the building of modular docks and pontoons. There is also a “Work” brand and a recent release has shown that here there is the manufacturing of mining equipment. “Life” covers floating gardens and environmental works.

A report is out to show that John Hogan has been working with Alexander Lotersztain, director of Derlot Pty Ltd who is well known as a well-respected designer and the concept of Waterscape was launched at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, and has been described as “a new benchmark in waterfront living.”

Andrew Scott has been quick to talk about this product and explained the next step forward by saying that

‘Superior will be taking it to the Monaco Yacht Show in September as part of the AIMEX contingent, as well exhibiting at METS Amsterdam, 18 to 20 November. We will be entering Waterscape in this year’s DAME Awards, the marine industry’s most prestigious awards for design and innovation.’

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