Global Water Shortage And The Scientific Problems Have Forced The California Locals To Have Water Meter Fitted


It has been reported that the even though the California is suffering from the droughts, but still a number of residents have not installed a water meter and they don’t have any idea how much water they are using. According to the reports, it will be changed, but it doesn’t seem like it will happen quickly enough.

There must be the water meters fitted in everywhere by 2025, but there are still more than 235,000 businesses and residency’s where the water meters had to be fitted.

According to the press analysis, the residents of the California who are living in an area that has got the highest amount of homes where the water meter are not fitted yet and they needed to get them fit soon. These areas seem to be in such areas where the major quality of water is being used and there are 10 those are above the average of the state as well.

The houses without the water meters are in the minority, but still every drop of water counts. The Governor Jerry Brown is standing firm on his earlier statement that he delivered last year that “$500 fine would be imposed on the water wasters”.


In some areas, they have taken the issue seriously and have deployed the water cops on the streets to check if there is a water wastage going on somewhere and what they are using as well.

Fresno cut usage by 10 percent after installing the water meters and I is enough to get an idea in which way we should move on, said by Mark Standiff, a city spokesman.

There will be some residents who will be difficult to encourage and there will also be some residents who have to accept the installation even after they don’t like the others to make decisions. This will specially apply to the residents like Julie Kaiser, who says that her family doesn’t waste the water, but they must have a water meter anyway.

She admits that to have a lawn that does not feel as good as it ought to should not be as important as to the conservation decision.

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