Global City Finds That Space Has Become A Premium On Its Waterfront


Despite there being doubts when so many buildings went up, it seems that the office space on Liverpools Waterfront is at a premium. Here were concerns a number of years ago when there was 38% of the space left empty, but a recent report has shown that the new figure is 26%.

The Albert Dock that suffered a number of years ago has improved beyond recognition and with many buildings used for retail and leisure purposes. As there is Dockside flexible office space a lot of buildings have filled up and there is less than 10% that is either not occupied or under offer.

Princes Dock is another one that has little left on offer as it is now 97% full and has a number of international and global companies based there including PriceWaterhouseCooper. Coutts and Co and KPMG.

The director of the Liverpool Waterfront Business Partnership Sue Grindrod has said that it is thanks to the confidence in Liverpool Waterfront as well as the fact that there will be upwards of 1000 staff from Liverpool City Council relocated there in the near future.


It has been claimed that the International Festival for Business that was held earlier in the year has made a big difference and has shown the City in a new light. It is expected that the levels will go even lower as there is interest from a few other organisations.

Peel holdings who own a lot of the buildings are claiming that it is a combination of the water front setting and the style of the buildings that are making them so desirable. As they have plans for further expansion it is hoped that this trend carried on for the next few years at least.

It has been reported that there are even some companies who have left London to bring their offices to the Liverpool waterfront and they felt that this made their premises more accessible for visitors.

There have also been reports that it is Liverpool itself that is the attraction and the wealth of talent that is there and ready to work with incoming companies.

It seems that it does not matter if the companies are moving into one of the long standing buildings – quaintly referred to as the Three Graces – or to one of the more modern developments, the future is looking good for Liverpool when it comes to business and expansion.

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