Get Walmart DIY Home Project Plans Online


The Walmart is the American best discount store which provides its customers all the products like bags, home projects, guides on using the projects, shoes, clothing and others.


  • Open the link to get your favorite project shopping from the website.
  • The new page will display all the projects which are offered for the home users. The customer needs to select their choice of products from the lists as mentioned to proceed the further buying process.
  • As you clicked on the your choice of product from the available options. It will open a new page which will show more features and the appealing description about the selected product.
  • You need to provide more selection of this product to add more features of your choice. This will also add the sale price of this selected product.
  • After reading all the feature details and the description as mentioned. Now click the
    “Buying guide” button to start the purchase of this home project.
  • If the selected product has certain more features or items which need to be added, then you can select them from the list if available at the end of the page. Select the most appropriate item which featured your project work as well to move towards the shopping page.
  • Now check on the right side of the page. It requires some more information to scrutinize your selected product.
  • Add the quantity of this product by selecting from the menu. It indicates how many items or units of the same product type you need to order from the online website of the company. It will also display the cost which would be charged with the selection of the further features, quantity or other options if available.
  • Now click the “add to cart” button to pay online for this product. The user should have a registered account on this website to purchase the products online.
  • The next page has an option of the either check our or view cart. In the View Cart option you have other pending purchase of the other products if you didn’t proceed for the payment process. You could add all the items at once and send payment which would be given as a subtotal after selecting the pending purchase options. If you select the “Check out” it will open the payment form for this product.
  • Now keep following the instructions as needs to completely shipped your order delivery in time.

All the estimation of the product would be made according to the shipment or the distance it covers to reach at the customer’s doorstep.

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