Get Walmart Credit Card To Save $25


The Walmart is the United States best offline and online discount store which deals with the customers around the world with its high standard products like jewelry, bags, perfumes and others. The products are delivered in time to the customer.


The steps are simple to apply for the card service and save dollars.

  • Open the url as mentioned to apply for this card service.
  • A new page will open, it will display the link which is used for the application of this card service. You need to click on the Apply now button as given on the card image to proceed the process.
  • If members are registered already for any other service of the company, then they could easily get the card by entering their email address and password in the fields which are given in the sign in forms.
  • The new members need to register themselves by clicking the create an account button given in the website. This will open the new account on the website.
  • The new page will open a sign up form for filling the details which are required for the new account. You need to enter the names such as first and last name in the boxes as given.
  • Provide the email address in another box. This information would be used in sending the notifications, alerts and updates of the company products.
  • Repeat the above step again in the next email field. This will confirm your address of electronic mail on the website.
  • Enter the zip code in the next box as it mentioned on the form. This would be the area code of the customer residence in the United States. The zip code would be the 5 digit code which indicates the correct location of the registered customer.
  • Create a new password which is almost 6-12 characters long. As it is case sensitive, so select the password which is easy to recall and used by the user.
  • Repeat the above mentioned procedure again in the confirm password box. This will confirm the security of this user account.
  • Hit the blue button which is labeled as “Continue” to complete the process of the application.

You could select the option which indicates the email of the special news and updates about the company products.


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