Get The Premier Bank Card Turbo Tax Account


The Premier Bank Card is the best financial supporter for the valued customers who give an opportunity to the members to secure their financial account and monitor all the activities of their credit card service through their registered account online at the company website.

Steps to get

  • Open the url as given to access the webpage of the account.
  • The window will display the tax website where you need to register yourself for availing the best features and services on the taxes from the company. If you are aware of your account details such as login information, then simply sign in with all the required details on the available fields and access the account.
  • If all the process is new to you, then you need to register yourself at this available link to start a free account on the website. First, you need to hit the blue button “start for free” to open the sign up form.
  • The web page will display the four options which will require your product recommendations from the available options such as “Single, Own a Home and other”. Choose the suitable choice from the available list.
  • As you select the recommended product, the auto generates the best choice of the product other features for you. You need to hit the “Start Free” tab to move the process.
  • The next page will ask how you have taxes last year. Choose the appropriate choice of your answer from the available list to complete the process further. You can also skip the step if you are not sure about the information.
  • The application form will open for the new account. It will require all the necessary login data from the user to create a account.
  • Provide your email address which should be valid enough to get the notifications or updates from the company about your activities regarding the taxes.
  • Give the user id to the field as it will become the login name of this new account. You could add your names or characters for the identification.
  • Provide the easy and small password in the available field to secure the account. This is case sensitive, so you should add easy to recall password in the field.
  • For providing more security, choose the security question from the menu. This would be the customer choice for the new account and answer this question in the next box as given under the field.
  • Add the mobile number in the last box. This field is optional.
  • By clicking the “create account” you could submit this form online for the new account.

The confirmation will be received at the user provided address.

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