Get Netspend Activate Process Online


NetSpend provides you the prepaid Visa Card or MasterCard and the issuers of these cards are Meta Banks, Bancorp Bank and Inter National Bank. The convenience in getting these cards is that you can apply for them without any restrictions like minimum balance, credit check or any other commitment. These things are compulsory for the bank accounts.

Benefits of the debit card?

You can use your debit card anywhere at any time if you need to purchase something. You can upload money in your card very easily and it can also be used to make purchases from online sellers. To upload the amount in the card, you can visit any local area ATM.

When you receive your NetSpend debit card, the next step is to go through the activation process of this card. It will not take your too much time and does not involve any difficulty. You just need to update the balance in your card and then use it at any location where the debit card is accepted.


 How can your debit card be activated?

  • You may activate your Visa Card through a simple process for which you are going to need a computer or a tablet or a smartphone and connect it with the internet. You should have your NetSpend card with you during the activation.
  • Visit the NetSpend website which will take you to the page where the activation can be done. At the top right corner of the page, “Activate Card” option will be seen, click on it.
  • Now keep your card in your hand and a 16 digit number written on it is to be entered in the required box. Another box is for the CVV number. You can find both of these numbers at your debit card. After entering them, click on “Continue”.
  • Follow the rest of the instructions to complete the process of the activation of your debit card after which you can purchase the items you need through this debit card.

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