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Macy’s that is one the renowned department stores in the USA has been operating and providing its services through more than 800 stores in the country. Around 167,000 employees are connected with the company. The company offers programs that provide extra convenience and help to its employees to appreciate their contribution to the achievements.

Macy’s In-Site: Knowing the requirements for keeping the data of its workers safe and protected, the company designed a website called Macy’s In-Site Employees Connection.

Employee Account: The employees of the company can be linked to it by creating an online account. This online account is for the sharing of the shared interests, and the employees can also see their benefits through it.

Requirements To Make Employee Benefits Account:

  • You will require a computer or a tablet which should have a connection with the internet as well.
  • You will need the Employee ID and your SSN (Social Security Number)

Guides For The Employee Benefits Account:

  • The first part of the procedure of making an account is to open the website where you can have such access. The website is .
  • The above link will direct you on employee portal.
  • At resultant page, “Sign In” tab is present at the right corner.
  • Put the mouse on “Sign In” button and click it.
  • On next page, enter the eight-digit employee ID in the first field.
  • Enter your password in the other one.
  • Now click on “Sign In”.
  • If you don’t have an account yet, then register yourself with the website by selecting the option of “New User”. This option is given at the end.
  • You will then be asked to provide personal information on the next page. Enter your date of birth, social security number, mother’s name, zip code and employee ID in the respective areas.

When you complete your registration, you can check all employee benefits and other related information.

Perks And Services: You will get access to flexible benefits and services containing a substantial employee discount, money savings deals, health benefits, best retirement plans, and other useful tools. Attain work-life balance that works for you in living your best life with inclusive welfare’s package scheduled to improve your personal life and your work life. Whether you are full-time paid expert or an hourly sales worker benefits are always there for you which are available in a lot of exciting ways!

Comprehensive Benefits Package: get all benefits to make your life better. You will get health benefits, special discount, retirement plans and more.

Through this online source, employees can communicate with each other so that they may get the assistance of each other as well. The employees can get the information such as account the taxes, benefit plans and paychecks.

Many advantages are offered through the website to the employees like Favorite Charities, Scholarship Programs, Retirement plans, EDP Plan and Earning to Learn.

What Employees Can Do With Account:

  • Get information and latest news about the company.
  • View their W2 and other employee statistics.
  • They can read a magazine designed for employees.
  • Check on their benefits.
  • Get solutions for their pay or benefits issues.
  • They can quickly update their information such as social security and 401K information.
  • Check and manage their medical care.

Schedule Information:

This website also provides the details about your plan.

  • To access this information you have first to go to
  • Click on “My In-Site” option.
  • You will get access to the employee portal of this website.
  • Once there, go with the “Sign In” option to continue.
  • You have to provide your ID and password to access account.
  • Once you are logged in, select “My Schedule” option.
  • You can see this option on the left hand in the menu zone.
  • Now you can see your schedule information.

Employees can check on all information, news, data, and material about themselves and the company. This website is a secure source for the employees. Information is safe here; the company will never share your details with other companies for marketing purpose.

How To Contact Customer Service And Help Desk

  • Customer Service Center: contact customer service by calling at 877.377.1336. Contact and talk to a representative and get information about your account.
  • Call Them:



  • Hours OF Operation:

24 Hours a Day

7 Days a Week

You will get support 24/7 throughout the year.

Customer Service Online Pages:

Contact Via Email:

  • To email your comments and questions, visit the link that states
  • Once the resultant page, you will see an online form.
  • Fill out the form with your details.
  • Enter your complete name.
  • Provide your company name in next space.
  • Enter your email address. You may get a response with useful tips.
  • Identify your state name.
  • Type your contact phone number.
  • You will see a box at the end, type your questions or comments in that box.
  • When done, hit “Submit” button.

Use Social Media:

You can contact Macy’s using Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts. Just look at the links mentioned below.

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