Get Gap Card To 15% Off On The Card Services


The Gap is the American retail store, which provides all the branded products like clothing, shoes and others to its customers.


The steps to get the 15% off on the company special discount card is mentioned below:

  • The first step is to type the link in your browser.
  • The link will give the form for this service, which need some information of the user to get the confirmation.
  • The first field contains the names of the user, such as first name, middle and the last name which will be identification of the user account.
  • The address of the user is mandatory for the next step on this website. The address contains no P.O box and it should be the most active to receive the updates from the company.
  • Give the city name, where you are residing in the United States. The city should be current information about the user.
  • Select the state name from the drop down menu. This menu is important to select you’re the name of your state.
  • Give the area code of the state where you are staying in the United States of America. The area code is also your zip code which you need to enter.
  • Give the phone numbers in the field. The phone numbers would be your cell number, residential or the office number which you need to enter in the box.
  • By providing your valid email address in the next field. You would confirm your consent of receiving the updates and the newsletter from the company.
  • The annual income box, is to know what you earned and how much you are paid. This includes the annual amount which you spend on the assets.
  • The last box is the length of time which you have on the current address in the state where you are residing. This should be entered in years.
  • The next fields require the date of birth, SSN and the maiden name which you need to enter wisely in the respective fields.
  • Select the delivery method from the options which are given below the card image. This has three main options which are available for the selection.
  • After approving all the conditions and the privacy agreement, now click the “secure submit” button which is given at the bottom of the window.

As the process ends, you will get the opportunity of the discount off on your selected card.


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