Get Enrolled For Online Services of Bank Of America

The customers of the Bank of America are now able to enjoy the services of the bank by using their accounts through an online portal. They can operate and manage their accounts very easily sitting at their homes. The online portal can also allow the customers to pay their credit bills through it. Bank of America has made the life simpler for you as it makes you alert about the services and your successful transactions through an email or at your cell phone number.

The bank cares about the time of its customers therefore it let them save their time through these services. You have to go through a procedure to get enrolled with the online banking and get all the services offered by the bank.

Follow the instructions to enroll for the online service of the Bank of America?

You must have an account with the Bank of America to get the online banking services. For the enrolment with the online facility;

  • You need a computer system and an internet connection with a good speed.
  • Keep your credit card with you as you need to provide the credit card number written on it.

Guides for the Enrolment Procedure

  • Start the procedure by visiting the main website of the Bank of America that is
  • You can find the “Enroll now” button. Click on it.
  • On the next page, select your state where you have the BOA account.
  • Now click on the check box “I have a Bank of America Credit Card” and enter the credit card number. Also enter your account number and the postal code of your credit card.
  • When you enter all the important things you are asked, you have to click on “Continue Enrollment”.
  • After that you will be asked to give some of your personal information like name, phone number, address, user ID, pass code etc. and at the end, a challenging question has to be selected and then your process for the enrollment will be finished.

Now, you can log in and run your account and get the notifications from your bank account through email or phone.

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